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From: Joachim Feise (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 13:58:07 PDT

> Tom Sweetnam wrote:
> "The site is a joke, and IMO, not particularly funny. I guess I'm not sure why I fell
> for it (yeah, I know gullible isn't in the dictionary), but now I'd really like to know
> what their privacy policy is..."

Another, somewhat unrelated thing is that their use of cookies brought down my
browser. I have set cookie warnings on in Netscape, and the loosing/gaining focus
on the name fields when the warning dialog box pops up and is dismissed caused
an infinite loop.

> And as regards "privacy" in this country anymore, well, it's pretty much a placebo issue
> don't you think? A good detective or marketing researcher with access to a credit bureau
> or your cookie file can tell you more about yourself than you ever knew about yourself.
> I think the best policy is just not to hide anything to begin with. Throw your life out
> there in the public arena. Give it too them in their faces. The more people know about
> most people the less they want to know. That's the best way to protect your privacy that
> I can think of. ;-)

I recently read the book "Database Nation" by Simson Garfinkel. If you weren't
paranoid before, you are after you read this book.


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