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From: Karl Anderson (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 13:11:55 PDT

Edd Dumbill <> writes:

> It appeals to me because it provides a component-based attitude to
> building sites that's missing from the more conventional template-based
> approach using something like ASP or PHP. Because of this, people who
> write Zope products are aware that they're delivering functionality, and
> that appearance should be customizable -- this sets Zope products apart
> from most open source pre-baked libraries for doing things like forums,
> etc.

The core of Zope started out as Bobo, a persistent Python object
sytsem, & ZPublisher, a Python object publisher for the web. It's a
solid grounding with lots of flexibility, and if you use products that
play nicely with eachother it works great. For example, nobody has to
write their own index.

> Zope's weak spot currently is documentation, which they are addressing,
> I believe.

Yep, lots of work there. Until then, get a good interface to the
mailing list archives, or you will be sad. I'm a recent employee of
Zope & I'm impressed at the efforts being made for communication.
Lots of excitement about wiki. I think we've found the first
roadblock to managing large infospaces with a wiki, & overcome it with
equal parts code & use conventions. Perhaps removing some wikiNature
in the process, but whatever.

Karl Anderson 

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