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From: Greg Bolcer (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 15:09:14 PDT

So, Tom, you stumbled on a great MP3 business model.

The answer's so simple. Similar to local football or baseball games
getting blacked out, release an MP3 to the public after the record
has so many sales. Local, up and coming bands can still serve
their own content, new music can be traded illegally at user's own
risk, the music then becomes a legal copy, generating even more sales
from the free downloads and promotions. The value of the site
goes up enormously as now you have a real community site that has
value for both the record company and the end users. Strict bootlegging
goes back to the back alleys, and end users get access to music that
the companies weren't able to previously supply and distribute through
their byzanntine channels.

Sony Music Entertainment [1] should buy Napster. I'd put their value and valuation at
about $1.7B.

As to Sony, this is the product they should be selling. A cassette tape
product with a Sony Memory stick that lets you play MP3s on almost
all existing players and car stereos.



Tom Whore wrote:

> Screw napster.
> Its about time central server piracy gets the heave ho.
> Look folks, its simple. We are mostly trading pirated illegal copies of
> music/games/docs as the legal system stands now. Doing this on a central
> server (commercial server even) is a little like a pickpocket doing a play
> by play to the person the person they are lifting from.

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