RE: PopularPower: another FoRK startup

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From: Fielding, Roy (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 20:18:47 PDT

I am disappointed that Rohit didn't mention this nugget at the
bottom of every PopularPower page:

    All contents Copyright 2000 Popular Power, Inc.
    <em>Popular Power</em> and <em>Worker</em> are trademarks of Popular
Power, Inc.
    All rights reserved.

Hey Nelson, I wan't to hear a defense for trademarking the name "Worker".
I mean, sure, I can understand how hard it is these days to come up with
an original name for a software application, but this is really stretching
the limits. There exists no business domain for which "Worker" is not a
commonly used term. Does it come with a trademark image?


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