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From: Tom Sweetnam (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 21:37:58 PDT

>Ooo. Then you could have the laptop generate MIDI data, played by
>one of the USB gizmos as audio, processed by another USB DSP gizmo...

No sweat. If I progress down the track I'm going, I'm sure I'll try any
combination you can think of, and create hardware and software
incompatibilities never dreamed of before by computer engineers. As a matter
of fact, the techies at Iomega are busy working on one I threw at them two
weeks ago, and "Ace", the Microsoft beta software site e-mail answer dweeb,
just contacted me today with the good news that Redmond is working on the
very peculiar phenomenon I reported about uninstalling Internet Explorer 5.5
beta at elevations over 4000' whereby all your e-mail archived for the
past 20 days and 11 hours is wiped off your hard drive...even if it's
encrypted. All you FoRK geniuses think I'm joking about that one, don't you?

So anyway, the reason I ask about the 127 USB devices is because that's what
they hype in USB marketing these days -that you can hook up 127 USB devices
to any Windows 98 or iIMac computer through that one anemic-looking little
thread of a wire (and a nonexistent 127-outlet USB hub I presume). It took
me three days to get my parallel port printer working as a USB device using
an Entrega adapter and about 18MB of software, the latter so full of patches
it looked like Frankenstein's monster after a three-day rugby match. Had
better luck with my Epson 1200 USB scanner though. Worked great right out of
the box, and incredibly fast too.

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