Re: Away WeGo. Wherefore art thou Gnutella?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 08:51:33 PDT

Some points on gnutella.

the oriinal was done by Tom Peper and the crew at nullsoft. It was let out
/leaked with the parent compnay (aol) unaware of its intentions

The product Gnutella does not exists yet. There is no released version of
it. If you are using it you are using something that was far from complete
far from finished and far from a full "product"

If you are using it blindly then welcome to the world of the foolish.
Theres one born every minuet so your in good company. Call up a PR person
and babble, they too are suckers and will love to talk to other suckers so
as to write fluff pieces for even more of your kind.

If you are using it AND keeping yourself inthe loop about who what where
and why all this is being done, then congrats, you got a clue.

Many of the clones have thier sources FREE AND OPEN for inspection et al.
If you didnt know this and consider yourself in the know, bzzzt, pack it
up and head back to the land of the PR person and the fool.

The wego web site was spawneed from another site which early on was one of
the central sources for new, source and notes from dev whos were backward
enginering this beast. When it moved to wego the primary sources moved
with it, see nouser as an example. If y9ouve been hitting the DEv channel
on IRC you will have a good sense of whos working on what and even get a
glimpse at the next batch of sourced clones.

The protocal is something that is also being disected. Capn Bery is one
of the leads on this and all his work is open to all to look over and test
and carry on with. If you go back over the versions of the FAW at wego and
CApns you will see how the thing was peeled apart.

Bugs and problems are being caught all the time and patched up by the
masses. If you go check out the IRC chan and we you will see when a
problem is found and how it gets fixed (take not of the ttl roll over bug
that was found and fixed )

All this is being done in the open, with more devs passing out source than
not, and a large amount of discourse going on that can be joined in by
anyone who cares to devote the time (see the list of growin clone makers
for examples of inclusion)

So whats the ivory tower OSS jihad got to belly ache about. Oh my,
somethign came along that didint ask to eb officaly belssed by the most
holy hands of the OSS gurus? BLASPHEMY!

OSS is like any other structure or system. Once it gets to the point of
being "the law" ther will be those that say as jesus said " I am the end
of the old law and the begining of the new law".

Stay fluid folks. If you ever think your part of THE winning system, THE
right system, THE THE system of doing things, then you are part of THE

"the road goes ever on and on
out from the door where it began.." Bilbo Baggins

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