Re: Away WeGo. Wherefore art thou Gnutella?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 11:07:17 PDT

On Tue, 2 May 2000, Dug Song wrote:

--]On Tue, 2 May 2000, Tom Whore wrote:
--]> The protocal is something that is also being disected. Capn Bery is one
--]> of the leads on this and all his work is open to all to look over and test
--]> and carry on with. If you go back over the versions of the FAW at wego and
--]> CApns you will see how the thing was peeled apart.
--]the gnutella protocol is totally stupid, and lends itself quite well to
--]abuse. the majority of the traffic is broadcast pings and scattershot
--]queries. i hope to dawg freenet is better than this.
Of course its not "elegant" as you want it to be. This wasnt some white
paper project pooted out in front of all the "right" crowds during proper
confereances. No one blessed it with an RFC number or dosed it in cheap
valley white wine over haute cusine.

For something that was cooked up and released in short order, that is
still under dev, the damn thing works and was apodted by a user base
faster than greased pigs.

Of course it can get better, anyone can critic it and make it better.
thats why the Dev cycle is there.

--]gnutella net will die the death it deserves, once tools like "gnutsmurf"
--](which i haven't released) and other gnutella exploits are generally
--]available (a single rogue agent can do an impressive amount of damage).

You think Gnutella is the ENDS? pah. Its another tool on the road to
better tools whihc cycles round and round and round. Exploits hit, fixes
come in, more exploits hit, more rethinks, cycle cycle cycle

Bring on the exploits, bring onthe critics. the more it gets knocked the
stronger it can get.

Of course these are messy cycles, done in the real world with real items
and real intent. its not encased in a clean room white coat payed check
mark maker mentality. I think we have all had enough of that tripe in the
80s and 90s to last several lifetimes.

Get your hands in the dirt son, nothing says lovin like a good whiff of
the shit your mucking in.

--]but these still lack the security properties i'd hope to see in such a
--]system (anonymity, privacy, plausible deniability, etc.).

You can wait all you want. Menawhile, back at the ranch, the big herd
drive goes on.A few head may get lost and a few rustlers may try to cut
out the herd, but by gum well fight them where they stand. Put on a
bandana there little cowpoke. from all your cawing and coughing it sounds
liek the dust is getting to you.


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