Re: Someone please tell me why is worth $40 million in funding?

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 13:38:55 PDT

Phots are still the eyes of the masses. They live not thru the memorys
recolections of the playback of a time and space, they thumb thru the
packed albums of snaps.

Most people are trained to never trust thier own minds to document a
moment. It needs to be snapped. Shutter clicks, film exposed to memory,
carpe diem.

All that film, all those memorys , each and ever blink of the mind needs
to be processed. The consumer will go somewhere, be apart of some
process....snapfish wants to be the process made into community, the
collected album of the family consumer. They build the means and ways to
develope, process, enlarge, save , view and share the memorys.

How can this not be a great platform to push ads, positions products,
pitch ideas and control the moemry of a globe?

Think of the side projects they can spin from this. Off the top of my head
I can think of space on free film development, the banner ad
taken back to print. Ive aleady seen some toss off cameras that print
messages like HAPPY BIRTHDAY on snaps.

Anyway, I think with the right cash and the right hands this is a no
brainer to be a corner stone of the collective consumer culture.
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