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From: Greg Bolcer (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 15:56:46 PDT

I spent all day yesterday beaming my calendar notes
and todo tasks and phone numbers back and forth from my
PalmV to my Nokia 7110--one at a time. Still, I got
a nice warm fuzzy feeling that they'd even talk to
each other using their IrDA. My Nokia has a fakey, and
my NeoPoint NP1000 doesn't even have an IrDA port.

(Note to anyone with a new Nokia WAP phone, if you turn on the
IrDA, there's no security at all for restricting
any other device from throwing things at you; IrDA
spam is only a matter of time; at least my Palm
asks me if I want the file, although after I've
received it)

SyncML is good; Intellisync is bad. That's what the
world needs now is one less of those companies trying
to sell you access back to your own data. I'll wait
until their "couple of months" are finished to see
what actually they have and how much they charge me for
the privilege.


Adam Rifkin -4K wrote:

> I'm beginning to see the vision of a "synchronized web" where every
> device in my life sync's with every other device in my life. I guess
> people are already trying to deal with this problem, e.g.,
> Talk about the interconnectedness of all things... Puma's purchase of
> seems even more brilliant in retrospect (thanks,
> distobj).

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