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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 07:52:41 PDT

Hi Carol,

Love to help, but you haven't provided any information about
what hardware and software you have. I am going to take a wild guess
then, I am assuming that you aren't running Linux, Solaris, Irix, FreeBSD
or any other of these operating systems and must have a Mac or a Win box.

Get rid of any Real player components you have on your system
as they are completely useless and most likely are causing the problem.

Go to
and get the free version of the software for whichever platform you have.

It's worth the extra hassle of uninstaling and installing the software as
the clips are really funny. I am surprised that the net police haven't
stormed in and made them take it down, even though it's a parody site. There's
been a disturbing trend that previously protected parodies have somehow fallen
under a double standard--one for online content and one for offline. The online
content is in someways easier to crack down on because of the ease and efficiency
with which the majority of the content can be found. This will definitely have
repurcussions on the laws, rules, and regulations governing offline content too.

What keywords did you put into the search engine to find that posting?
What search engine did you use?

Finally, FoRK isn't my website. It's a collection of personal
and professional Friends of Rohit Khare. The link points off to
a gaming site (IGN64) that has no affiliation with myself or FoRK. If you
are a lawyer for Snuggles, this last part is important. Most lawyers
are clueless when it comes to the difference between a link and the
actual content unless you fax them an ALLCAPS statement in triplicate
with a signed, sealed, and certified followup on official letterhead.

Good luck on your hike up the mountain,

Greg wrote:
> I found this on your web site, and can't get it to work, it says Unable to
> download appropriate Decompresser. Any suggestion on what to do so, I may
> see it????
> Thanks,
> Carol
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> Unilever corporation which owns the teddy bear trademark
> for 'Snuggles' sued and won 3DO Entertainment to pull their
> tv commercials for BattleTanx and BattleTanx: Global Assault.
> A federal court found that the Treddy Bear used in the
> commercials resembles the Snuggle fabric softener bear. Unilever
> says that they didn't want their trademark bear associated with
> "kidnapping children, cities destroyed, and violence abound."
> The original commercial:

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