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From: Strata Rose Chalup (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 11:17:06 PDT

Actually, what I'm looking for is a robust way to map old
URLs into the new abomination that is citysearch. The
sites, especially the Seattle one, were GREAT, with lots of good
content, refreshed often, always interesting to browse, etc etc.

I can't understand why the citysearch folks bought them and then THREW
AWAY all the content that brought folks to the site in the first place.
After my first couple of visits to the "new improved" site (ie, it was
just lame-o old citysearch) I stopped visiting. Maybe they were just
too STUPID to think anyone would notice.

I only wish I had saved more of the actual pages and not so many URLs.
It taught me a lesson about grabbing content instead of bookmarking it,
though. :-(

It's interesting, there are very few online sites (perhaps none,
anymore) that I care enough about to indulge in name-calling and
gratuitous capitalization upon reflecting on their loss. I had to keep
revising the obscenities out of this posting. Whatever the sidewalk
folks were doing was definitely working, it's just too bad they had to
be flushed down like yesterdays lunch by the loser patrol at citysmurf.

First it was

Then Travelocity stopped being useful for airline searches. Dunno if
you've noticed, but they put their "partner" airlines in the top returns
for searches now, even if they're not the cheapest flights. Ie, if you
don't nudge the search strings so that you have "check only these
airlines" and hand-check some of the ones you know are cheaper, like
Southwest or Tower, you will get United, Delta, and Alaska all the
time. Pththt. I was looking for SFO or SJC to SEA and saw that I
could save $50 - $100 over the "partner" airlines. I used to use
Travelocity for EVERY airline reservation. Now I only use it when
checking international routings, like SFO - MIA - BON and back. And
even then I call United and ALM separately to verify, also Continental
(who services BON/CUR out of Houston), etc.

Now I don't use AltaVista anymore, because their partners have started
turning up ahead of more relevant hits in search results returned. I
use google instead, since it's more lightweight. I miss the structured
queries in AV advanced search mode, but usually get better hits on
google anyway. Have tried the ussc allweb folks a few times, too. But
AltaVista was the best for a long, long time, and now it is just another
piece of crapware. Sigh.

Yes, I am whining. Don't think I don't know that. :-)


Peyman Oreizy wrote:
> [Looking for a 24-hour dive in Seattle? The Hurricane Cafe on 7th is most
> likely it. Only 3 24-hour restaurants in the city and this has to be one of
> them? Mini's and 13 Coins are the other two.]

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