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From: Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 14:29:17 PDT


  Jim -- you should run and slap this argument all over webdav.org :-)

>Opportunism, thy name is PR.


> Subject: Another angle on the ILoveYou virus
> The old fear of a house fire destroying precious family photos
> has been replaced today by the "I LOVE YOU" virus which consumed
> digital images stored on hard drives all around the world.
> This morning's episode, which affected more than 20 countries
> around the globe, is just another reminder of why more and more
> people are storing important files they don't want to lose:
> pictures, MP3 files, etc., on websites like Zing.com. This
> virus, like many others, attacked the hard drive, so any digital
> photos files saved there are now lost forever.
> As these viruses become more frequent and powerful (this one was
> twice as bad as the Melissa virus), the trend of storing
> pictures online gains makes a lot of sense!
>Keith Dawson dawson@world.std.com http://dawson.nu/
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