AltaVista does one-third of all searches on the Web (?)

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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 15:00:19 PDT

I would think that between Google, Alltheweb/FAST, and all the
Inktomi-backed searches (Inktomi is behind MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and Lycos),
that AltaVista couldn't possibly be one-third of all searches on the
Web. Could it?

Hakon, is there any way to get the equivalent of SEC Filings for FAST of
Norway? [I can't find any filings here.] Perusing the Inktomi 10-Q, I
see that they did a total of 4.2 billion search queries last quarter, so
Inktomi's 5 billion search queries trumps that. I can't find any
numbers on Alltheweb (backed by FAST) or Google though.

Inktomi delivers searches for roughly 2 cents a search, but that's
because they're an outsourcing solution and that's what MSN, Yahoo, AOL,
and Lycos are willing to pay. I have no idea how Google plans on making
money. And AltaVista looks like it's losing money faster than they can
print the stock certificates to pay for them.

AltaVista is in Palo Alto, Google is in Palo Alto -- do I smell merger
talks in the works? If nothing else, AltaVista could really use the
chef who used to be Jerry Garcia's munchie guy... :)

> AltaVista Asserts Search Strength With Web's Largest Index and Directory
> Scores Highest in ZD Labs' Relevancy Test,
> Launches Pure Web Search Site to Meet Needs of Search Enthusiasts
> PALO ALTO, Calif., May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- AltaVista Company, the premier
> Web-wide knowledge resource on the Internet, and a majority-owned
> operating company of CMGI, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMGI - news), today asserted
> its search strength with the introduction of technology advancements,
> including the Web's largest search index and directory at
> AltaVista performs more than 40 million search
> queries each day and nearly five billion per quarter, representing more
> than one-third of all searches on the World Wide Web.
> Demonstrating its commitment to search excellence, AltaVista has
> launched ``Raging Search'' at, a pure Web page search
> site that provides fast, direct results designed for ``search
> enthusiasts.'' Raging Search complements the multi-dimensional AltaVista
> Search site that enables users to search for an array of content,
> including: Web pages, news, images, audio, video, discussion groups,
> directories and shopping information. The combination of the two sites
> fuels the company's plans to broaden its consumer reach by meeting the
> needs of every search user.
> AltaVista technology advancements include:
> -- Web index -- assessment of 1.2 billion URLs to derive a new search
> index comprising more than 350 million pages -- the largest index
> available today on the World Wide Web -- in addition to AltaVista's
> leading 30 million multimedia page index
> -- Relevancy -- a new patented relevancy algorithm that delivers the most
> relevant results to users, earning the highest overall score against
> five search engines in a recent relevancy test by ZD Labs
> -- Directory -- the Web's largest, comprehensive directory comprising more
> than two million Web pages integrating content from Netscape's Open
> Directory Project and LookSmart
> -- Raging Search -- the fastest, most relevant site for pure Web page
> search and an AltaVista showcase for technology innovations
> ``Our search advancements mark another aggressive step forward in
> AltaVista's position as the premier Web-wide knowledge source on the
> Internet,'' said Rod Schrock, president and CEO of AltaVista Company.
> ``We will continue to innovate with Web-wide services designed to unlock
> the full potential of the Internet.''
> New Web Index and Relevancy Algorithm
> AltaVista's new Web index now comprises more than 350 million Web pages --
> the largest index available today on the Internet. AltaVista's Web
> index has been created by capturing 1.2 billion URLs to derive over 600
> million pages that were analyzed for relevancy and quality by using the
> company's sophisticated and patented next-generation connectivity
> technology. The technology develops a three-dimensional map of the
> Internet and analyzes how Web sites are connected together.
> AltaVista then distills this index even further by weeding out the
> duplicate and near-duplicate pages with its patented duplicate
> elimination technology to develop an index that is free of multiple
> references to the same result. Its new Web index, including 30 million
> sites that were collected from AltaVista's international affiliates,
> delivers 350 million pages. AltaVista also maintains the Web's largest
> multimedia index with over 30 million image, audio and video files.
> Scores Highest in ZD Labs' Relevancy Test
> In a side-by-side benchmark test, ZD Labs
> an independent testing source, ranked AltaVista as the overall most
> relevant search site among five Internet search engines. The test was
> conducted among AltaVista, Northern Light, Direct Hit, Yahoo!/Inktomi,
> Google and Fast. This relevancy accolade demonstrates AltaVista's search
> strength, coupling relevant information from among the largest index on
> the Web. AltaVista excelled in multiple word and complex multiple word
> queries. Over 78 percent of AltaVista queries fall within the multiple
> word queries delivering the most relevant results possible to its users.
> Comprehensive Directory
> AltaVista has formed alliances with Netscape and Looksmart to deliver
> the Web's largest, relevant and scalable directory. The new AltaVista
> directory integrates content from Looksmart and Netscape's Open
> Directory Project, making it the most comprehensive directory search
> destination on the Web of any portal, offering more than two million pages.
> AltaVista integrates new content from Looksmart and Netscape on a
> regular basis to ensure the index contains fresh and high quality Web
> sites. AltaVista applies its patented search relevancy algorithms to
> rank the sites in order of relevance. AltaVista's Family Filter is also
> applied to help screen objectionable content.
> Raging Search
> Raging Search from AltaVista is a pure Web page search site designed
> specifically for users who prefer the fastest, most unobstructed path to
> relevant results available on the World Wide Web. Raging Search is the
> only search site that allows users to customize the results page
> according to their interest. For example, a user can customize the
> number of results they receive per page, the languages they want to
> search in or whether to filter specific content from the results using
> AltaVista's Family Filter. Raging Search is a feedback-driven site
> powered by the same advanced relevancy algorithms and Web index that
> drive AltaVista Search. Raging Search is available today at
> About AltaVista Company
> AltaVista Company is the premier knowledge resource on the Internet.
> Building on its strong search heritage, AltaVista unlocks the vast
> Internet to provide the richest, most relevant information access across
> multiple dimensions, including: Web pages, shopping, up-to-the-minute
> news, live audio and video, and community resources. AltaVista offers
> informative services including the multi-dimensional AltaVista Search,
> pure Web page Raging Search from AltaVista, AltaVista,
> AltaVista Live! personalized portal, and AltaVista Free Internet Access.
> AltaVista is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., Andover,
> Mass. AltaVista is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif.
> About CMGI
> With 70 companies, CMGI, Inc. represents the largest, most diverse
> network of Internet companies in the world, including both CMGI
> operating companies and synergistic investments made through its venture
> capital affiliate, CMGI @Ventures. CMGI leverages the technologies,
> content and market reach of its extended family of companies to foster
> rapid growth and industry leadership across its network and the larger
> Internet Economy. Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Pacific Century CyberWorks
> and Sumitomo hold minority positions in CMGI.
> NOTE: AltaVista is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
>, Smart is Beautiful and AltaVista Free Access are
> trademarks of AltaVista Company or its affiliates. Product names
> mentioned herein may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their
> respective companies.


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