Decent OS email reader (was: RE: ILOVEYOU worm (fwd))

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 15:43:38 PDT

OK, so I received the ILOVEYOU virus this morning, but luckily I checked
email late in the morning, and also had about 20 warnings as well. Well,
plus I'm pretty sure that Kevin Wiggen, a lead developed for the Xythos
Storage Server <>, a DAV-compatible repository, just
doesn't swing the bat in that direction.

But this, combined with Outlook crashing for no apparent reason yesterday
after downloading all of my email, at a total time cost to me of 10 minutes,
has led me to think about alternate email clients.

What I need (minimal requirements):

- an email client that can handle ~150Meg of email no sweat
- allows fast searching across the email database (sorry, grep doesn't cut
- has a graphical user interface (no emacs, pine, elm, mh)(I don't like exmh
- has foldering capabilities
- has rule-based assignment to folders
- has good HTML support
- has good MIME support
- has a good integrated contact manager
- is stable as a rock (I need at least 2 9's reliability)
- isn't susceptible to every email virus

What I'd like:

- DAV email support
- automatic clustering of email into folders
- integrated email and document management
- hypertext linking to email
- good speech input support
- integration with telephone
- integration with IM

So far, Outlook still comes closest to what I want. Eudora is close. Are
there any good open source mail tools?

- Jim

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