RE: Someone please tell me why is worth $40 million in funding?

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 02:50:36 PDT

Mike Masnick writes:
> Okay, so you're point is if you can convince people you have enough data
> you might find some suckers who are willing to pay money to you? I'm not

If I am an ISP allowing nonanonymous access, I have potentially full
knowledge of a user's browsing pattern (hardware is cheap nowadays). A
list of frequences of https sessions to certain sites alone is quite
valuable, and you of course can team up with some of the more
interesting sites your customer visited, exchanging information to
your mutual benefit. Legality of all this is irrelevant, since all the
snooping is acutely quite nondetectable (and after the company goes
belly up you can always resell the dataset afterwards), and in a pinch
can be conducted by routing traffic throught datawarehouses in legally
uncritical locations, provided they're hanging on a more or less fat

Imo, this is Evil Marketeer's Wet Dream. Free ISP, eh? Tanstaafl.

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