Gnutella's design flaws begin to bite

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From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 03:19:16 PDT

From: Dave Farber <>
Subject: IP: Kiddie Porn Traders Outed
Date: Fri, 05 May 2000 06:10:37 -0700

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From: "Kevin G. Barkes" <>
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Gnutella porn surfers exposed wants to keep Gnutella clean by posting a Wall of Shame -- the
IP addresses of those who attempt to download porn files.

By Bob Sullivan, MSNBC
May 4, 2000 6:09 AM PT

Search for child pornography on the Internet, and your IP address just might
show up on the Wall of Shame.

The music portal Web site is currently playing a trick on those who are
looking for pedophilia using the Gnutella file-sharing program. Download one
of's temptingly named images, and the site logs your time of
download, IP address and domain name - and then posts them on a Web site for
all to see.

The Wall of Shame went into operation April 27, in part as a reaction to an
MSNBC report indicating file-sharing software Gnutella was being used to
trade child pornography. The idea is to scare and embarrass would-be
pedophiles into avoiding Gnutella, thus cleaning up the service.

"Most people are using Gnutella to download music. Very few people are using
it for child porn, and I don't want them on it," said Jorge Gonzalez,
founder of He thinks the Wall of Shame might be enough of a
deterrent to scare pedophiles into heading elsewhere.

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