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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 02:17:47 PDT

Strata wrote:
> Actually, what I'm looking for is a robust way to map old
> URLs into the new abomination that is citysearch.

Haven't they officially changed the name to Shittysearch?

No wait, is just some dude's birthday card to his

> It taught me a lesson about grabbing content instead of bookmarking it,
> though. :-(

Hence my FoRKing the passage from Fortune magazine that excerpted the
eBoys book even though Gordon posted the link a few days ago. I find
that if I post a link here instead of posting the content, that
eventually the link gets 404'd and I get frustrated when I go back
through the archives looking for that information.

As to danbri's question, "Yeah, when do we get an RSS channel for FoRK
so I can recue my inbox and read this along with other newsfeeds?", my
answer is, "As soon as you develop an RSS channel for FoRK." :)

[Rumor mill: might be moving to a rackspace linux box very
shortly, meaning that FoRK is now closer than it has ever been in its
4.5-year history to being run by actual mailing list software...]

> I had to keep revising the obscenities out of this posting.

Actually, I could use a couple of new vulgarities for my vocabulary if
you have any you'd like to share. This week not one but three people
told me what I'm doing will never work in its current incarnation.

Now, in the startup game, the number of people who will tell you that
you won't succeed are a dime a dozen. [I've now gotten several dollars'
worth myself.] My attitude has quickly become, that if someone isn't
part of the solution, then they're part of the problem. If running a
startup is proving that one can thrive in a chaotic environment where
the story is regularly changing, then I've finally found something that
I love to do. Bring it on!!

> Then Travelocity stopped being useful for airline searches.

What I want is just a direct tap into real-time Sabre, without all the
formatting and advertising and cruft that websites add. And a direct
tap into the real-time Nasdaq feed, not some "nicefied" version some
website has produced. Heck, I want real-time direct taps into all kinds
of event notification streams. And the ability to reprocess those
streams on the fly.

> Now I don't use AltaVista anymore, because their partners have started
> turning up ahead of more relevant hits in search results returned.

Two words:

> AltaVista was the best for a long, long time, and now it is just another
> piece of crapware. Sigh.

AltaVista has had the opportunity to pick up all of the social diseases
and worst corporate culture features of Digital, Compaq, *and* CMGi.
They had a chance to learn from all the bad designs of portals and
websites of the past, but instead decided to emulate them. If smart is
beautiful then AltaVista is looking pretty ugly.

> Yes, I am whining. Don't think I don't know that. :-)

The world is changed by people unhappy with the status quo. Whine all
you want.


The average FoRK post contains more novel and nonobvious ideas than a Walker Digital patent. -- Gordon Mohr

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