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From: Adam Rifkin -4K (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 22:07:55 PDT

danbri wrote:
> Ah, the power of technology -- we've roundtripped it back into HTML
> again...

I don't know what markup language for web presentation will look like in
ten years, but I'm pretty sure it will have "HTML" somewhere in its name...

> From :
> 22. Okay, how do I get bits?

I bumped this down a notch to question 23, and added a couple of more
bit sources. (Willing to take more suggestions, too.)

More importantly, I noticed that the FoRK member list has gotten up to a

Though Rohit and Robert tell me there are only 135 FoRKers and my
accounting is way off when I say there are 144. Now that I think about
it, I do have several mailing lists in my list (such as eGroups) as well
as a buncha people who aren't on the mailing list but still regularly
post (Elwood, Rob, Joebar, Cobraboy...). So we're not as close to gross
as I originally thought.

Whatever, we're well over the 100 mark now, and I'd wager we're close to
20,000 FoRKposts into this experiment.

If anyone has a webpage they want me to link to with their name, email
me here and I'll make an effort to add that. (An up-to-date FAQ, who'd
have thunk it?) Actually, if there's anything in the FAQ that needs
removing or updating, let me know about that too. I'm even thinking of
moving the FAQ to ... welcome to the 21st century, Adam .....


Nice job with the RSS feed, Dan and Edd. Now watch for the mass exodus
of people from FoRK's mailing list because the RSS feed is so gosh-darn
convenient. [Jeff, has added the FoRK feed yet? :]


HTTP is what happens in the absence of good design. -- John Stracke quoting Keith Moore

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