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From: Tom Sweetnam (savamutt@trailnet.com)
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 23:03:56 PDT

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:

> I recently found:
> Windows 2.0
> Works 1.0
> UCSD Pascal From IBM
> All with original documentation and media.
> Doesn't someone collect old software?

Yea, me. I've been suckered into buying every update to every program that's
ever been written. It's not exactly world famous yet, but I suspect that
Tom's Traveling Trolley of Redundancy will rank up there with the
Smithsonian one of these days. I live the life of a full-time RVer you see,
and my 33' Class A has a gross load rating of only 4500 lb., so with 18,000
software CDs, manuals, diskettes, and ZIP disks crammed into every cupboard,
storage compartment, and secret nook on this rolling earthquake, it's been a
huge struggle keeping the weight down.

I think I pitched the generator last August somewhere in Oregon after I
bought Microsoft Flight Simulator, and then I tossed the spare tire along a
dirt road in rural Idaho after I bought Micrografx 8.0, and then
Brenda...well...Brenda had to go after I bought Corel's graphics suite,
replete with manuals and video tutorials. "It's either you or the software, baby," I told her. "But you can't toss me out way up here in northern Alberta!" she whined, "It's three hundred miles to the closest town!"

I loaned her my backpack and told her it was only a three-day hitchhike to
Edmonton, and of course I gave her bus fare back to Barstow too. Yes, yes, it was a tough decision I'll admit, but hey, you guys understand, right? ;-)

So anyway, I was just sitting here working with Corel Photo-Paint tonight,
and I notice that I'm using version 8.369 of this admittedly wonderful photo
editing matrix. But pray tell some of you software scribbling geniuses, why
on earth do I need three digits after my dot? Version 8.369? This scares
the hell out me. In the first place, it makes me curious as to what I missed
in versions 8.1 - 8.368, but more than that, I'd like to know if I'm going
to spend more on this software program by the time I get to version 8.965
than I did on my RV. Well...how about it?

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