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Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 23:53:21 PDT

Good Day,

We wanted to share with you the latest 30%-50% OFF, 10 DAYS ONLY PRICING
SPECIALS on our database of online businesses--a cutting edge business tool
for the growing networked marketplace. Our databases include contacts
representing millions of online business domains which have sprung into the
age of the global Internet. They are compatible with Microsoft Office,
Access and all database and contact management products because they are
provided in comma delimited text.

These searchable databases include the standard "white pages" information
like company name, address, phone number, and fax number, but we have added
additional fields including first and last names of the contacts, e-mail
addresses and Domain names. In some editions, an additional 4 fields of
business/Web information are available.

January 2000 CD-ROM databases include:

        Company Name
        State or Province
        Postal Code
        Prefix (Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc.)
        First Name
        Middle Name
        Last Name
        Suffix (Jr., II, III, IV, etc.)
        E-mail Address
        Web Address (Domain name)
        Expanded Editions add the following fields (web info):

        Web Title (title of web page)
        META Description (description of website)
        META Keywords (keywords pertinent to website)
        BODY (first 255 characters of default web page, e.g. index.htm,
              index.htm, default.htm)

Available data includes:
  **** 8.8 Million Domain Records--MASTER DATABASE on 3 CD-ROM set ****

                8,841,086 Domain Records Worldwide
                        .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU
                           CALL FOR DETAILS

    **** 50% OFF **** US and Canadian Domain Contacts **** 50% OFF ****

                1,450,397 records: WAS $2995.00 - NOW $1497.50
                        US AND CANADA .COM & .NET

*NEW* IT Workers-reach up to 200,000 IT (Information Technology) workers.

                201,603 records: WAS $1995.00 - NOW $997.50
                        US AND CANADA .COM & .NET
                                50% OFF!!!

       **** 30% OFF **** CANADA and METRO EDITIONS **** 30% OFF ****
                95,158 records: WAS $899.95 - NOW $629.97

                New York City Metro Area
                91,419 records: WAS $899.95 - NOW $629.97

                Los Angeles Metro Area
                146,571 records: WAS $1199.95 - NOW $839.97

                San Francisco Bay Metro Area
                01,062 records: WAS $899.95 - NOW $629.97

                Washington D.C. Metro Area
                59,789 records: WAS $749.95 - NOW $524.97

                Boston Metro Area
                46,446 records: WAS $649.95 - NOW $454.97

                ADD 33% for additional 4 fields of Web info:

        **** 50% OFF **** Domain Name Master List **** 50% OFF ****

                16,024,473 .COM, .NET, .ORG & .EDU domains
                        as of 4/20/2000 and growing!
                        Was $1995.00 - Now $997.50

        **** NEW Website Search Database on CD-ROM ****

        4,269,810 Root Level Web Pages Indexed on One CD-ROM
                          An Industry First!!!
                 Includes up to the first 255 characters of the
                  Title, Keywords, Description & BODY
                     .COM, .NET, .ORG and .EDU only
                       Only $997.50 Until 5/8/2000

        Please contact us for any and all of your data or list needs.
        If we can't fulfill them, our sister company can!

                ALL DISCOUNTS EXPIRE MAY 17TH, 2000.
                All prices are in US Dollars.

                Please call or fax toll-free at 888-922-5967.

                This is a one time announcement. However, if you feel
                you need to, you can remove via e-mail by replying to
                this message with REMOVE in the subject or leave a
                remove by phone or fax at 888-922-5967.


        John Powers
        EVA, Inc.

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