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From: Greg Bolcer (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 18:19:14 PDT

This is the link to the engine:
Any search engine that puts up 3 pages just to get to the main
page that doesn't offer a search box even though it bills itself
as a search engine is in the wrong game. Two Neomedia guys
and one Ad agency guy and one professor from UofH doing neural
network models.

These guys aren't a search engine compay, they are a information
appliance company.

> Dolphins can detect fish that are hiding a foot or
> more beneath the sandy ocean bottom and can easily tell the tasty types from their
> distasteful cousins. In the laboratory, dolphins can distinguish between two
> aluminum tubes that differ in size by less than the width of a human hair. These
> talents are based upon specialized brain mechanisms that evolved over millions of
> years.

This doesn't impress me. As a former machine learning person, one researcher
that I worked with used to build Sonar sensing torpedoes that could easily distinguish
between different classes of enemy submarines and easily tell the nuclear boomers
from their not so threatening attack sub cousins and herd them into each other
before splattering the more expensive of the group.


v - Mark Kuharich wrote:
> If only your search engine had a brain. DolphinSearch may be the closest
> thing. The new search engine claims to return more relevant results because
> it can recognize the actual content of documents. Its technology
> incorporates a model of pattern recognition used in dolphins' brains to make
> sense of "echo-location" data
> Mark Kuharich
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