The Love Bug Caper

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From: B.K. DeLong (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 05:21:56 PDT

Hi all-

With a little insomnia combined with a dollop of cynicism, I've discovered
some nasty inconsistencies in the "Love Bug" case....

I decided to take a few moments and collect some data after reading a few
ILY related articles. I was horrified. This is what I've found so far as of
last night.....I'm sure I'll find more as the week progresses.

The below is layed out by name of the male, article URL and then what the
age/relevant information about Guzman and sister in said article.

Name: Reomel Ramones
Ramones: mid 30s Irene Guzman's Sister: 23,1283,36203,00.html
Ramones: 27 Irene Guzman: 23
Ramones: 27 Irene Guzman: 23

Name: Rommel Lamores
Lamores: 27 Irene Guzman: Called "live-in partner" Her Sister Jocelyn is

Name: Rommel Lamore
Lamore: 35 Irene: No last name mentioned until warrant, listed as wife, age 28

Name: Rommel Ramores
Ramores: 32 (Neither Guzman nor sister mentioned. Only 23yr old AMA student)

Name: Riomel Lamores
Lamores: 27 Guzman: listed as live-in partner

Name:Reomel Ramones
Ramones: 27 Guzman mentioned.....sister named "Jocelyn" also labeled as
their babysitter

Name:Reomel Ramones
Ramones: 27 Irene Guzman: 25, listed as wife, sister Jocelyn: 23, named as
their babysitter

Name: Reonel Ramoen
Ramoen: 27 Aireen de Guzman: 24

B.K. DeLong
Research Lead
ZOT Group


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