Information Architects Joins Industry Leaders to Power HP

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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 06:56:20 PDT

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iA's Patented XML-Based Solutions for Dynamic Syndication and Aggregation
Bring Unparalleled Functionality to Scalable, Cost-Effective Web Servers -- 9 May 2000 -- Information Architects [iA; NASDAQ:
IARC], providers of XML-based solutions for dynamic syndication and
aggregation of content and eCommerce functionality, today announced its
patented Metaphoria Framework will be among select group of products
offered for Hewlett-Packard Company's newly-launched A-Class servers. The
Metaphoria Framework, which supports all major hardware configurations
including HP-UX 11, will work among leading content distribution, content
management, load balancing and multimedia streaming solutions offered by
the A-Class server stack to maximize affordability, efficiently,
performance and reliability. By combining Metaphoria Framework's and the
A-Class servers, Internet start-ups, enterprises, and service providers can
easily build their own customized Internet, extranet, intranet and
eCommerce solutions.

"We are thrilled to join the industry's leading technology providers to
power HP's new A-Class servers and the rest of the HP 9000 product family,
the definition of next-generation, innovative, robust, yet cost-effective
Web servers," said Robert Gruder, CEO of iA. "Our Metaphoria Framework
dynamically drives both content and functionality to any site or device
connected to the Net. Coupling Metaphoria with the power, scalability, and
manageability of the A-Class server offers customers innovative,
comprehensive metadata solutions that bring site stickiness to new heights."

"The A-Class servers are built for the Internet: They are the most scalable
and highest?performing server at the entry level," said Mark Hudson,
worldwide marketing director for HP's Business Critical Computing Business
Unit. "Thanks to pioneering software solutions like iA's Metaphoria, HP's
A-Class servers will offer customers unprecedented new abilities. HP
customers will be empowered by Metaphoria's unique ability to take data in
any format and deliver it to any Web-connected device in real time. This is
a powerful tool that provides an outstanding technical solution, but also
one that puts our customers a step ahead of the competition."

Metaphoria Framework

With the A-Class servers, e-services of all types will gain a competitive
advantage through Metaphoria's unique method of formatting, aggregating,
syndicating and converting business data and associated commerce
functionalities. Metaphoria Framework offer customers a flexible, scalable
and cost effective solution so they can ramp-up quickly without the
exhaustive programming and integration resources associated with common
syndication and aggregation tools. As opposed to current solutions,
Metaphoria transforms disparate data formats into common markup languages
and dynamically distributes data on the fly without requiring business
partners to install additional software on affiliate sites. Written in JAVA
and operable on all platforms including Linux, Metaphoria stands out as the
only scalable, secure, cross-platform, cross-device solution that does not
require extensive implementations.

A-Class Server

The HP 9000 A400 and A500 UNIX servers help service providers, Internet
start-ups, and enterprises reduce time-to-market in creating and deploying
new electronic services. Built to meet the unpredictable demands of the
Internet, the A?Class servers are extremely scalable and powerful. By
stacking 20 A?Class "pizza box" servers in a rack, IT professionals can
manage workloads across a large number of entry-level servers to handle
more Internet traffic. Also, unlike other entry-level servers, customers
can add extra processors or increase processor speed to provide the
performance needed without having to buy another server. Combining
outstanding performance and scalability with a low total cost of ownership,
HP eliminated the complexity of building and running Internet-ready systems
to help customers accelerate time to revenue.

Information Architects delivers information management solutions that
empower eBusinesses to securely distribute content and functionality across
the Web. iA's dynamic syndication solutions enable the seamless development
and management of global content and functionality syndication from one
source to any Web site or device connected to the Net. This dynamic
syndication can help companies improve data exchange and collaboration
among co-workers, customers, suppliers and partners. iA's core offering,
the Metaphoria Framework, is an open, patented, XML-based product suite
delivering customized digital information on the Web. Its dynamic
aggregation and syndication technology enable users to access content and
commerce application from any source -- even multiple sources - enhancing
the overall user experience, promoting site stickiness and loyalty, and
augmenting eCommerce-generated initiatives. Further information about iA is
available at

Metaphoria is a registered trademark of Information Architects Corporation.


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