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From: Dave Long (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 11:05:16 PDT

> Of course these are messy cycles, done in the real world with real items
> and real intent. its not encased in a clean room white coat payed check
> mark maker mentality. I think we have all had enough of that tripe in the
> 80s and 90s to last several lifetimes.

From the preface to the second edition of Durant's _The Story of
| Let us not, then, be ashamed of teaching the people. Those jealous
| ones who would guard their knowledge from the world have only
| themselves to blame if their exclusiveness and their barbarous
| terminology have led the world to seek in books, in lectures, and in
| adult education, the instruction which they themselves have failed
| to give. Let them be grateful that their halting efforts are aided
| by amateurs who love life enough to humanize their teaching.
| Perhaps each kind of teacher can be of aid to the other: the
| cautious scholar to check our enthusiasm with accuracy, and the
| enthusiast to pour warmth and blood into the fruits of scholarship.
| Between us we might build up in America an audience fit to listen to
| geniuses, and therefore ready to produce them. We are all imperfect
| teachers, but we may be forgiven if we have advanced the matter a
| little, and have done our best. We announce the prologue, and
| retire; after us better players will come.

> Onward



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was Wolfe high? Every picture of the bus I've seen agrees with
conventional spelling: "FURTHER"

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