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From: Gordon Mohr (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 19:11:49 PDT

> > About two years ago, my work first made it to FoRK. Which is amusing
> > because I didn't discover FoRK myself until a few months later.
> >
> > I think many FoRKers would get a kick out of the new site.
> > login as 'demo' with a password of 'fork'
> This is quite spiffy. But you need to get funded and go big with this.

There's already competition:

From the "About Us" link:

# About eCRUSH:
#, Inc. is located in San Francisco, with a branch
# office in Los Angeles. Need to reach us? email
# or phone (415) 285-4001.
# eCRUSH is a site designed around an easy, safe, and fun way to
# answer the question "Would that person go out with me?" The site
# launched Valentine's Day 1999, and since then has matched over
# 80,000 people with their crush, with over 360,000 users currently
# registered.
# eCRUSH is not a personals site. The "eCRUSH" service (patents
# pending) only works between people who already know each other;
# there is no way to match up with a stranger. Users log onto
# eCRUSH and, in complete confidentiality, enter the names (and
# preferably the email addresses) of their romantic interests. An
# anonymous email goes out to these people informing them that
# someone has an "eCRUSH" on them and encouraging them to enter
# their own eCRUSHes to see if the feeling is mutual. If two people
# eCRUSH each other, we break the ice between them. This viral
# process means that everyone who sends a "crush" message out is
# recruiting other people to register.

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