Mr Watson, can you hear me?

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From: Tom Sweetnam (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 13:10:26 PDT

John Klassa wrote:

"I must have missed your FoRK intro... What do you do, exactly?
How do you manage to spend so much time cruisin' around? Sign me
up! :-)"

I'm a trial attorney currently in the employ of the government of China. It
all started when I heard one of their trade representatives tell a BBC
interviewer that every software program ever written was plagiarized from
the Chinese, since binary code itself was simply an extension of the
Chinese concept of yin and yang, and though not copyrighted in the
conventional sense of the term, binary anything was therefore the property
of the glorious revolutionary people's communist party of China.

I called their embassy in Washington and said, " oughta sue." So
that's what we're doing. Like Mettalica, my own list of copyright offenders
has grown to 300,000 or thereabouts, and if you or anybody you know has ever
written a software program,'ll be hearing from us very soon. Very
soon indeed.

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