Re: Mr Watson, can you hear me?

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Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 15:13:03 PDT

If that weren't so funny it would be scary. (:

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Tom Sweetnam wrote:

> John Klassa wrote:
> "I must have missed your FoRK intro... What do you do, exactly?
> How do you manage to spend so much time cruisin' around? Sign me
> up! :-)"
> I'm a trial attorney currently in the employ of the government of China. It
> all started when I heard one of their trade representatives tell a BBC
> interviewer that every software program ever written was plagiarized from
> the Chinese, since binary code itself was simply an extension of the
> Chinese concept of yin and yang, and though not copyrighted in the
> conventional sense of the term, binary anything was therefore the property
> of the glorious revolutionary people's communist party of China.
> I called their embassy in Washington and said, " oughta sue." So
> that's what we're doing. Like Mettalica, my own list of copyright offenders
> has grown to 300,000 or thereabouts, and if you or anybody you know has ever
> written a software program,'ll be hearing from us very soon. Very
> soon indeed.

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