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From: Tom Whore (tomwhore@inetarena.com)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 15:27:36 PDT

Someof you probably have heard me go off about the amazing Vince Scelsa,
the man who is much like the bastard son of Alan Freed gone
folkish/rockish and Jean Shepard, if he had played music more.

Well after years of naggin vince is joing the digital age with a thrice a
week web cast. His stuff is usaly free formy off the cuff yet wity with
some great musical guests.

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Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 16:33:26 -0400
From: Vin Scelsa <idvin@interactive.net>
To: vin@liveatlunch.com
Subject: "Vin Scelsa's Live At Lunch"

Hello from Vin Scelsa!

You are receiving this note because you are either:

(1) a listener to my Idiot's Delight radio show on WNEW in New York;
(2) a personal friend or relative;
(3) a music business associate;
... or ...
(4) you've written to me over the past couple of years wondering if my
shows will ever be available on the Internet.

(I apologize if you receive more than one copy of this e-mail. It means
your address is duplicated in my various address books.)

On April 25, 2000 I took a major step into the 21st Century! I began
doing a brand new Internet-only free-form music show – “Vin Scelsa’s
Live At Lunch” – performed live 3 afternoons a week from my home studio
in New Jersey. The show streams live from 12 Noon to 3 PM (ET), Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday, and is immediately streamed again in real time from
3 PM to 6 PM (ET). (This way it’s on “live” for the West Coast at noon
to 3 PM their time.) Which means that the show is essentially “streamed
live” for 6 hours on those three days. Each show is then "archived" at
the site for one week, so that it may be listened to “on demand” at any
time. Guest segments (such as Jill Sobule's visit on May 4) will remain
archived indefinitely.

The link to the show is <http://www.liveatlunch.com> ... or you can use
<http://www.artistent.com> – either address gets you to the same page.
ArtistEnt.com is the gateway site to the show ... it's the small company
that actually owns and runs the web site.

For the time being the show can be heard only with the Windows Media
Player. Eventually we may be supported in the various other players,
but not now. You can download it by linking to it from the icon at the
Live At Lunch web page.

The direct link to get the Windows Media Player is:

If you're a Mac user there is a beta version of the Windows Media Player

As with any streaming audio on the Internet there are problems –
dropouts and other bugs from time-to-time – but the first shows have
gone off without too many hitches. Of course, the faster your modem
connection, the fewer the problems – the less buffering and fewer
annoying pauses. So maybe it’s finally time to upgrade to DSL or a
cable modem for your internet connection! (I recently upgraded from
28.8 to a cable modem and the difference is extraordinary!)

We are at the dawn of a new communications medium. It isn’t anywhere
near perfected yet on the technical level – but it will get there ...
and quickly! I can easily compare "Live At Lunch" to the very first
shows I did on WFMU back in 1967 (do you remember "The Closet"?). FM
radio was in its infancy – hardly anybody owned one; they weren’t
standard in cars yet, etc. There are probably as few people listening
to me today on the Internet around the world as were listening in the
NJ/NY metro area to those early WFMU shows! Well, look how that medium
grew over the years! This is exciting stuff! We’re all in it at the
very beginning! These are strange and heady times! I am doing live
"free form radio" directly over the Internet. I play what I want and
say what I want. From Hank Williams to Moby! Miles Davis to Pearl
Jam! Billie Holiday to Billy Bragg! The whole eclectic world of music
is available for me to paint aural pictures with across the giant canvas
of cyberspace! And you can listen in from ... anywhere!

Right now the budget for advertising this new show is non-existent, so
I’m counting on a groundswell of grapevine-like word-of-mouth to get the
word out. Please help me by letting all your friends know about “Vin
Scelsa’s Live At Lunch” – especially former listeners of my radio show
who no longer live in the metro New York reception area. If you belong
to music-oriented e-mail groups, bulletin boards, discussion groups,
forums, etc. – please let them know what I'm up to.

And speaking of my radio show, “Vin Scelsa's Idiot’s Delight” continues
in its Sunday night slot on WNEW, as always. I am finally getting to
"audio archive" selected guest appearances at the WNEW web site! So,
I’ve really got the best of both worlds! (You need Real Player G2 to
hear these recordings.) If you visit the Archives today you can listen
to my recent extended visits with Travis, Marah, Jules Shear & Jill
Sobule (on the same show at the same time!) and a wonderful trumpet
player / vocalist named Leif Arntzen – all performing live. And coming
soon to the Audio Archives – David Johansen and the Harry Smiths!

The direct link to the "Idiot's Delight Audio Archives" is

Thank you all for your continued support of my brand of free form
radio. I may joke about “doing the show only for myself” – but you know
... that I know ... that what I do wouldn’t exist on the radio ... or
the Internet ... or anywhere else ... without your support and
enthusiasm! You’re the best audience a quirky deejay could ever have!
Stay tuned ...

Vin Scelsa
May 11, 2000

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