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From: Brad Cox (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 18:23:04 PDT

At 4:49 PM -0700 05/11/2000, Tom Whore wrote:
>We make war, we tear things down, then we build them up and charge each
>other large sums of cash to bask in its glory.


Lovely rant, Tom. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

>Thats why i love to watch gnutella.

Me too. My slant is that such initiatives will rip away the fig leaf
this industry has been hiding behind; the belief that the way to
protect digital property is restricting access to it; e.g. relying on
trade secrets, patent, and copyright law. This boils down too using
courts and lawyers to do what engineers could do better, if we could
ever get them unwedged from the information wants to be free

Providing secure and anonymous transport for bits should soon make
the impossibility of protecting digital property by restricting
acquisition of the bits obvious, and clear the way to
engineering-based approaches. By this I mean superdistributing the
bits freely and charging as they're used (invoked).

Which is exactly what is all about.

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