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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 08:01:06 PDT

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Carey Lening wrote:

--]Microsoft, blame Norton, Blame your mother, blame the dog, etc. No one
--]really stops to think, "hey, stupid users here" or if you'd rather be less
--]cynical, those-without-clue.

You should have been around my office during this whole stupid affair. In
the middle of a meeting of the "top" admins here , all of whom where
pulling out press clipping and pasing them off as tech spec, i blew my
cool and spewed "its the fucking user" rant on them.

So i dont get to watch Bball with them at smokey bars, boo hoo. If they
spent half the time learing tech as they do memorizing the stats for
college hoop players we might have a real office here.


--]replicability of love letter, but sans the malicious quality. In turn, I
--]want the worm/Trojan (as I was debating with a friend about what it would
--]actually classify under) to send me a tally mark of every ditz who opens
--]the thing, nothing more, nothing less.
--]And here's the kicker: The header, instead of saying something even
--]reomtely obscure, will simply be called: This is a virus, don't open.

Good idea. I would change just one thing. If they click on it after it
saying IM A VIRUS it fdisks thier drives, gunks up the cmos and lets a
pulse down the monitor strong emough to blow it out and kill them.

Call me silly, but i think its time folks starting realizing the power of
the cpu.

And if they dont like it, they can go suck on a monkeys nipple.

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