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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 08:11:13 PDT

On Thu, 11 May 2000 wrote:

--]In a message dated 5/11/00 10:51:10 PM, writes:
--]<< Blame
--]Microsoft, blame Norton, Blame your mother, blame the dog, etc. No one
--]really stops to think, "hey, stupid users here" >>
--]I'm sorry--but a man should be able to open his mail without getting his
--]hands blown off, as Prof Gelantner would agree, I am sure. Blame the stupid
--]users? No way.

What if the postal service made it so certian evelopes and letters were
able to erase all teh other letters in your mail box, not to
mention mess up your check book ...would you rethink the wisdom of
allowing your mail to be able to touch other letters and the check book.
Woudl you maybe find another way to read mail or another means?

this isnt about the user HAVING to read thier mail this way, it is the
user CHOSEING to expose themselves to a method that is mostly unkown to
them and potenialy dangerous. This fact has been known for YEARS. If you
have dealt with computers and MS at all inthe last 3 you better well have
known this or you were hiding your head in the sand.

There are gov regs to saftey test cars (not that does a lot of good with
car lobyists smoothign over the nasty realitys) do you really want thing s
to get to such a state the masses feel they need big borther .gov doing
regs on email readers.

Its insane to live in this day and age without knowing what your dealing

In a just world we would educate ourselves. In a less just world the weak
and foolish would die off from thier own lack of self interest and poor
survival skils.

 In this world , ah in this worldwe will be made to dumb ourselves down to
the speed of stupidity.

Its true, its true.

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