Re: Malevolence; Lord Chthulu's shining opcodes.

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From: Steve Nordquist (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 13:56:36 PDT

Malevolence is a camera angle published in customs ops.
If Los Alamos weren't smoking, I'd just revel that we mostly
treat unusual bits as bits, not wildfire seeds, warnings.
   I've been thinking about increasing the FS foam outside.
    Outside? The fires to worry about are on the inside!

I'll vouch for more solid reports than that from MIT.
I'd like to toss the case into the hubbub
around CASE where engineers demanded a -little- control over
what made the choices and what templates got run to profile
their model. Vectors get context somehow, after all.

That said, there's no reason you shouldn't invoke the circle,
bless, Charles Mengusize and carve little operational models to
help, if you can't actually focus all your chest hairs (and more
useful bits) to the purpose.

> > When does machine-made intelligence cross the line from "artificial" to
> > something else entirely? I remember reading last year about a new and

Citizens $0AEFDB77e-0B2000341 against $D00F3bXX87332XXX

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