Re: Malevolence

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From: Tom Sweetnam (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 09:00:58 PDT

Wayne Baisley scribed:

> In some ways, the Eastern view is more existential than the
> Western.

Hmmmm....perhaps Grasshopper, perhaps. We in the West do allow our
potentialities to produce their own static current of regression and saintly
scism. We perceive the ill wind at hand. If we wish to ride the nadir of
conformity, it will bode well for transitions in elementary portents. But
they in the East don't don't know that, do they?. Ha! Idiots! Fools! All of
them -fools!"
It is no elementary time spring that weathers the foundations of abstract
construction. No. Not at all. The color wheels of pastiche are the real
culprits. There and then were the forces playful. There and then. It is up
to us -to we, the chosen salivators, to masticate forth the recompense of
femoral stability. Never question that which is transcendent as a cheese
kernel. Never!

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