a constructive use for old hardware

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From: Eugene Leitl (eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 02:36:57 PDT

(((I don't recall where I've seen this, hopefully not here. In case
   someone has a pile of old junky hardware, here's a possible way to
   reuse it.


Expanding the Use of Technology within the Southern Columbia Area School
                            Technology Used
                                                        Rationale (Summary)
 Chapter 1 - My room becomes the computer 'graveyard'
 Chapter 2 - Unix comes calling
 Chapter 3 - Reconditioning the Leading Edge 486dlc's
 Chapter 4 - Word gets out
 Chapter 5 - Xwindow Xplorations
 Chapter 6 - Refurbishing the 486 server & Use of Unix in the Classroom
 Chapter 7 - The 4/66 gets crushed under the load & the move to graphics
 Chapter 8 - The End of the Journey, or Just the Beginning?
 Final Evaluation

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