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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 08:03:04 PDT

On Mon, 15 May 2000, Daddy Mack wrote:
--]The MP3 movement has done a piss-poor job of expressing exactly what kind
--]of distribution system they propose to compensate artists for the "use" of
--]their works, one way or the other.

So evidently you MISSED places that sell MP3's for play, places like and You missed that right? Because the distro method
is not just being proposed ITS HAPPENING, where the heck you been?

Public enemy, atomic pop, rapstation, they might be giants, shit even
david bowie knows this, yet your lengthy argument shows your missing this
vital bit.

--] The reality is that they are guilty
--]parties, too -- exploiting legal loopholes for short-term profit. There is
--]systemic freedom implicit in the world of the internet and that doesn't
--]lend well to control, monitoring, or measurement.
bzzzt wrong again. Nice try on the FUD train, but step and educate.

--]The argument, streaming from the mouths of the very hypocrites who are
--]behind Napster et al, that lesser-known artists get exposed via free
--]distribution assumes that they will ultimately benefit because this raising
--]of their profile will allow them smoother entry into the old-world
--]distribution system. This is a ridiculously circular argument if the same
--]system that brings these artists above the froth is also working to
--]undermine the traditional music distribution system by which they are
--]ultimately supposed to get compensated.

So you have not yet heard of either? Hello, mcfly, the clue phone
is ringing and I think its for you.

The methods of compensation and distro are here and now. The groups that
have half a brain are on it, the reporters, the talentless, and those who
rely on the middle man hype are not.

--]Even a Marxist-Leninist analysis (such as mine) of this music industry
--]quandary identifies the need to have artists be compensated for,
--]essentially, selling their labour.

Gee no shit. PLease run, do not walk , to emusic. com etc etc etc. The only thing driving your
argument here is lack of understanding of whats going on in the world. AS
for Marx and Lenin , I thought groucho was the funniest and the bullet
was a few feet in the wrong direction for the other.

--]So, believe it or not, I think that both sides are acting foolishly. And I
--]am, despite my obvious love of MP3, not ready to say that free distribution
--]is an acceptable means by which we can support James Hetfield's heroin habit.

I belive only that you need to go look at the ways and means of whats
happening right now. It is something to expect a reporter to get it wrong,
but someone who writes real purty should know better.

50 lashes with the cluenoodle

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