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From: Steve Nordquist (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 23:56:33 PDT

> Sufficiently advanced zombies are indistinguishable from the real
> person.

Talk about wearable computing! They'll sit thinly on our faces,
applying cucumber masque 2 hours a day, then put us through a
workout at the desk while citing all the junk we can't remember
at once, and make cross-dressing fantastically easy and popular.

Just something Galactor would do!

For the obscene amount of money they make actively brokering
comfortable velvet dance clothing and blue ceramic poodles on e-bay,
yet ability to align with their motive stylesheet and draw the sabre-
dagger set of their soul, they drive unnervingly; 35 in a 35.

> > know she's a Fortran program.
With (It's data!) cellulite issues and weird ISP bills.
The nosy VC jerk bug!
> If she's a dumb AI (i.e. does not protest, nor go on strike)
Probably not. I'm imagining a roomful of jealous Larry Ellison bots....
"Tell me exactly what I'm doing; I'm trying to ...oh."

Vaulting themselves up for revival at a later confluence, when
reinstantiated with current data, at age 23, at
what turns out to be the worst possible time in actuality.
  "Ack! I still can't beat the Dow!"

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