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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 09:57:51 PDT

Things are getting nasty here at the > the BLM folks are grasping
at straws and deadtree magazines for web guidence and my contracting
company is almost as clueless, but we get paid to be clueless.

What i need from you folks is any papers or the like that you have come
across or written that breaks down WEb DEv into logical components, sets
the roles of the designer and the programmer down...inshort a blue print
to show idjiots and that has names other than mione on it.

Ive treid to sell them on webdav, on a slew of brass tack approcahes, but
its all about he hype here. We got one "web designer" who is selling them
on the "design" is everything approach so much so that he thinks he cna
know do code..whcih he can, so long as he is stealing it from my pages and
not crediting me..ugh...he even copied a page i left with mistakes on
it...and another with the authors real name in comments..

So anyway, long ramble short, if you got any urls to such papers or
guidelines let me know. Im pretty much gonna work up something and pass it
off. I get the impression that the more urls and quotes I have from other
sources they will sign on for it.

Once im doen with the paper i present it..if things dont go better after
that Im about ready to go look for another job.

Which clashes with other things in my life, like being engaged as of
friday to be married.

When it rains it pours...thanks for the help.

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