RE: [Business2.0] Let's Build the Parasite Network

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From: Mark Day (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 03:31:29 PDT

> [...] Len Kleinrock (see "Fathers of
> # Invention," Oct. '99, p198), the UCLA professor who (on the day I
> # started seventh grade) oversaw transmission of the first message
> # on the Arpanet.

I love that phrase "oversaw transmission of the first message". It makes me
think of a schoolteacher or Scrooge-like boss, keeping an eagle eye on those
packets to make sure that they don't misbehave.

See, people don't really give Kleinrock his due after all, just like he
says. In fact, the reason the Internet's such a mess is because we don't
have Len overseeing everyone's transmissions. Yeah, that's it.


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