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From: James Tauber (jtauber@jtauber.com)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 19:03:31 PDT

> Simple, you can't patent or otherwise control binary protocols. Same old
> stupid story as WAP, patent, patent, patent. I'm sure I've just violated
> at least 37 laws even talking about it without 3 lawyers present.

For the couple of years, my girlfriend and I have held the hypothesis that
when someone makes a number up off the top of their head in contexts like
that above, the number they are most likely to pick is 37.

I know it sounds bizarre (and no, I'm not just having a good time in
Amsterdam). Look out for it. The frequency of the number may surprise you.

I seem to recall reading a while ago that 7 is the number people are most
likely to pick between 1 and 10 and that B is the most common (correct)
answer on a multiple choice quiz. I wonder if it's a similar thing.


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