Re: [Winer] Sun & SOAP: Yes or no?

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From: Anne Thomas Manes (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 23:29:14 PDT

Certainly there's reason to use an XML/HTTP system like SOAP across the
Internet, but it doesn't make sense to use SOAP in place of COM, CORBA, or
RMI when you're working within the firewall.

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> > XML takes a lot of bandwidth and parsing, why use this
> > instead of a simple binary protocol like IIOP or JRMP
> > that has been designed for object invocation?
> Good question. From my experience, a finely tuned parser for
> XML messages like SOAP messages, or S-expressions can be
> very fast, and parsing isn't the overhead. The bandwidth
> side is very much a problem, and there isn't too much
> you can do about it.
> Of course, the greater the number of hops, the worse it
> gets, especially when you have lot's of packet loss.

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