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From: Rohit Khare (rohit@uci.edu)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 03:01:39 PDT

"X-Node is a miniaturized, 1-inch-square Web server that attaches to various
devices and collects the data that is transmitted to the central hub."

[Any details on the reality of these claims? -- Rohit]

Firm Says Virtually Any Device Can Be Monitored Online
By Sherman Fridman, Newsbytes

24 May 2000, 4:48 PM CST
Dallas-based Critical Devices, Inc. says a partnership agreement announced
today with World Wireless Communications, Inc. [AMEX:XWC], will give
corporate, commercial and consumer users complete Internet-based services to
remotely access, control, monitor and track virtually any device.

Some types of devices specifically mentioned by Critical Devices were
heating and air conditioning units, gas meters, vending machines, ovens,
hand-irons and swimming pools.

Critical Devices, Inc., is a privately held company that provides
Internet-based asset inventory tracking and monitoring services. World
Wireless Communications, Inc. is a distributor of remote monitoring and
control systems that operate through using the Internet.

The monitoring and control services are available now and are based on
Critical Devices' Asset Services Management (ASM) technologies along with a
device known as "X-Node." X-traWeb, Inc., a Denver-based wholly owned
subsidiary of World Wireless Communications, developed the X-Node.

Hogsed explained to Newsbytes that ASM electronically tracks and monitors
performance, usage, and location of any device with an IP (Internet
protocol) address, and then reports that information online, from a central
hub. X-Node is a miniaturized, 1-inch-square Web server that attaches to
various devices and collects the data that is transmitted to the central

"Remote control and monitoring of devices - 24 hours a day, seven days a
week, using the Internet - is here today," Roy Hogsed, president and CEO of
Critical Devices said. He also stressed that ASM is particularly valuable
for companies with a large number of remote locations.

Hogsed said that a national fast-food restaurant chain, whose name he
couldn't mention because the chain requested confidentiality, is piloting
ASM by attaching X-Nodes to its heating and air conditioning units, ovens,
fryers and freezers. This way, he said, supervisors can know in seconds if a
fryer or oven was accidentally left on after hours, or if a freezer
compressor is about to fail. "By knowing and responding quickly, they can
prevent a fire, call in service personnel, or remind managers to turn down
the A/C thermostats before leaving for the night," he said.

Hogsed also said that Critical Devices and X-traWeb envision extending such
services to the consumer market. "The busy consumer now has a way to check
in with any device in their home," he said, asking, "How many times have you
left home and ten minutes later panicked that the iron was left on? Right
there, in your mini-van, you can connect using a PalmPilot and call up the
smart iron. One click, and the iron is off."

Although the monitoring services are available now, the average consumer
won't be able to go out and purchase an X-Node and attach it to a household
appliance. The system needs to be set up and installed, Hogsed said.

The pricing of the system and monitoring services will vary depending on the
type and number of embedded devices used. Pricing is generally
subscription-based at a set amount per month, per device.

More information from Critical Devices, Inc. is available at
http://www.criticaldevices.com .

World Wireless Communications, Inc.'s Web site is located at
http://www.worldwireless.com .

Reported by Newsbytes.com, http://www.newsbytes.com

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