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From: Lorin Rivers (lrivers@realsoftware.com)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 08:15:57 PDT

Lorin Rivers

Frequently Asked Questions about Lorin Rivers

Q: Are you a girl?
A: No

Q: So, when somebody sends you a letter addressed to Ms. Lorin
Rivers, do you get mad?
A: No, I get even

Q: Who the hell are you?
A: I am a marketing weasel, scourge of all clear-thinking engineers.
I am a useless drag on the free expression of cool technology, never
mind that people who buy stuff don't want it...

Q: No really
A: I am the Product Manager of REALbasic, the award-winning, visual,
object-oriented BASIC development environment for the Macintosh.

I live in Austin, TX (I am 4th generation Austin native).
I have a wife and 1.8 kids (will be 2 kids ca. July 22)
I dig velocity, acceleration, recoil, percussion, water, books,
magazines, beauty, truth, caffeine, and malty pops. Thank heaven for
little girls.
I have had a real-live email address since 1992
I used to work on NeXT software (Virtuoso, most awards-per-user of
any software in the history of the business)

Peace, out

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