[The Register] South African man shoots PC

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From: Linda (joelinda1@home.com)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 18:47:53 PDT

[Here's the link to "Check your own level of PC Rage!":





  South African man shoots PC

  South Africa is a very dangerous place to live if you are a computer.

  One PC so outraged its South African user that the man took his gun out and shot it -
  repeatedly. A colleague who witnessed the IT rage tantrum said the killer shot the
  machine "to smithereens" out of sheer frustration.

  This wanton attack came to light after a survey by Symantec and South African news
  service ITWeb into the growing epidemic of worldwide PC abuse.

  Around 43 per cent of South Africans said they got angry when their computer played
  up. Two thirds had a "multiple abuse reaction" - 25 per cent swore or screamed at the
  offending machine, while another 20 per cent chose to walk away.

  However, this was relatively restrained compared to the Brits. Of those who
  experienced PC rage, nearly two thirds admitted swearing at their computer and 22
  per cent said they hit their computer with seven per cent causing damage.

  According to Symantec, one respondent to the survey got so angry with his PC he ran
  over it in his 4WD.

  He showed a visiting Symantec consultant round the back of his house "where broken
  parts from the old monitor were scattered all over the lawn" after making contact with
  the wheels of the vehicle.

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