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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 09:20:41 PDT

A few old geezers where sitting around a table the other week
talking, as we do, about this that and the other thing. The talk moved
backwards to the past for a bit and we all recounted, ala the jaws "show
me your bobo sceen", the ragged road of our online idents.

Mine goes somethig like this

1982-83 after some shoulder surfing I log onto several BBS's as Harry Mudd
        Some freinds and I grab accounts on cserve and some other tymnet
        nodes. No major crimes, justlots of bungling and learning

1984-86 never registering for classes as a student I BS my way into an
        account on the EIES system over at NJIT. Murray Turrof was the
        prof behind the project. I think, though im not sure, my user
        number was 2123. EIES and the NJIT computers had hooks to
        the motherload, ie the internet. Serious sleep deprevation
        ensues. My buddies who are actualy taking classes cant keep
        up with my schedule. Dialups in to the system only deepen the fun

      (on a whim i just called up the EIES help desk. Talked to the kid
       in charge and rambled on about the hsitory of the system. Seems
       they are up into the 20xxx accounts. Sadly it seems eies is
       shutting down to be replaced by somethign called WebBoard(?).
       Passing of an era. All praises.)

1986-89 Hary Mudds appear all over the net. I take on the name Uncle
        Hagbard and Simon moon (not to be confused withthe latter VOx
        Simon Moon who was someone else.) Life is good, FTP is amazing
        telnet is god and things are looking connected.

1989-93 After my buds leave higher education(89) im adrift with just
        commercial access. Im like a junkie cut off from his source.
        I scrounge access back to the net in snatches. The place where
        I work becomes the center of my dialup fun. I find all sorts
        of places to get a net hit from, none for too long. At one low
        point I join Genie. God help me.

1993- I hear there is a dial up BBS with real net acces in NYC,
        my home and bredding grounds. I jump on one of the first two
        places I find listed. One was Panix the other was Mindvox. Panix
        phone person was a dork and Mindvox had me online in 10 mins.
        It was on this call that Tomwhore was born online. Tomwhore
        was my band name with the group Media whore
        When asked for a user name that was up to eight letters
        it jumped out of my mind and onto my UID.
        When I ask what I owe them the voice says "Drop us some
        money". I think the voice was stoned. I had found a home.
        Tomwhore flourishes on mindvox. The net is mine again.
        I quit my job and go to work for MIndvox. This lasts less than
        a year. I grab accounts on a few other dial up ISPs, all as
        tomwhore. I start getting quoted in print mags, i get 5 secs on
        tv in a report about email privacy. I get a few choice quotes
        in JC Hertzs early net book Surfing the Internet. This leads to
        a few gf's and ultimatley to my move to portland. Portland leads
        to my job here at the .gov as a contractor (
        which leads to working with my soon to be wife. Along the way I
        get DSL, WSMF becomes a large hobby and I put maybe 10 years
        back on my life expectancy.

        In 2000 my oldest working email address is
       (created feb 13th 1993 or there abouts) Tomwhore , online, is 7 and
       a half years old, I wonder if I can claim him as a depnedent.

    [---===tomwhore@ [] [] []]
                   WSMF's web site ----

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