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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 10:52:04 PDT

> --]So I could say that I have some of the 0.0001 percent
> --]oldest web pages in existence, but instead I say that my web presence
> --]is older than search engines, Yahoo, web advertising, or ubiquitous
> --]web pr0n.

Fall 1993 - I put my first surfing pictures up on the Web. It became
the demonstration point for being able to grab images and later
display them inline. The last revised version is here along
with the following text:
> About this page: A little known fact is that this page was actually the very
> first real surfing page on the WWW. I know this for a fact because 1) there
> were only about 30 HTTP servers in the world at the time, and 2)
> everyone told me that I was crazy for putting them up as a) nobody wanted to
> waste bandwidth downloading pictures on the WWW, and b) everyone knows surfers
> don't own computers. Later, when all the search engines were developed, whenever
> some poor fool typed in the words 'Internet Surfing', my page was always
> the first to pop up. So now the world (wide web) is a much bigger place, but
> I keep my page up for the long stretches when I can't get down to Scotchman's Cove.

It's been a long stretch since I last visited Scotchman's Cove.
Incidentally, soon afterwards I had a Sparc2 GT and eventually
a Sparc 20 with an SX and a video camera. I took it home for several
weeks where we set it up to broadcast live surfing frames from Huntington
Beach through a complicated series of mpeg creation, skimming it down,
and then transferring it to a PC, where it was periodically uploaded to
a fulltime site at UCI. We tried to get funding from an old time
surfing family to commercialize the site, but ended up never getting
to the point to figure out how to make money on it (silly me).

Circa Summer 1995, I put up my very first surfing applet that
simply had a neverending wave by flipping through a dozen or
so gifs. It ran on HotJava with their alpha2 release. I ended
up compiling it with every new version and finally gave up about
July 1996. The other picture's dates are from April 1994, about
a year before I put the applet up.


Greg Bolcer
work: 949.833.2800
cell: 714.928.5476
fax: 603.994.0516

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