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From: Kragen Sitaker (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 19:28:56 PDT

I am taking a job with a certain startup company in Seattle, starting
in 11 days. At least for a time, this means my computer,, will be unattended.

Bad things could happen to it; for example, lightning could fry it, the
ISP could get annoyed with me and cut me off, the phone company could
forget I paid them, renegade FoRKmembers could steal it from my house,
etc. I don't expect any of these things to happen, but if they do, it
may take a while to repair the damage.

I'm hoping that FoRK will move to its new home before I move; I don't
presently have any means of remote login access to my computer, and so
even things like this will need to be fixed in person. I may correct
this before leaving.

I'm very excited about this startup; it's my first venture into

My email address will remain unchanged.

<>       Kragen Sitaker     <>
The Internet stock bubble didn't burst on 1999-11-08.  Hurrah!
The power didn't go out on 2000-01-01 either.  :)

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