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From: Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 10:58:17 PDT

Tom Whore wrote:

> >From Gnutellanet
> (Which you can search from a web browser at many places including
> --great results
> --so so results
> --the grnadady of gnutella web
> front ends with source
> )
> you can get loads of old punk.
> A good song in the Agent Orange vien is The Vandal's "Aging Orange".
The thing that makes that song funny is that it's so true. They totally
got screwed out of everything when the whole scene went hyper-commercial.

I saw the Vandals a long time ago at Bogart's in Long Beach (before they
closed Bogart's down). They had the Vandals on the board, so I thought
I'd go see what they were up to. I didn't recognize anyone. About halfway
through the show, the lead singer pulled the bass's plug out as he
started masturbating with his guitar off on some bizarre interpretation/tangent.
I went up to them aftewards and asked, "who the f*** are you guys? You're
not the Vandals. I don't know any of you freaks." It turns out one of
their older brothers used to be in the band and didn't care if they
went out an covered all their tunes.

Talk about stealing songs. 8-)


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