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From: Joseph S. Barrera III (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 08:16:28 PDT


You're the one who drove away L.Wood, right?
If so, then congratulations. :->

If you're still having problems with Win2K,
you can always install a *separate* Win2K
system dir and then you can access the
file system. I assume you're running NTFS?
I actually run Win2K with FAT32 so that I
can dual-boot Win98, which actually I need
to do so that I can access my camera (which
only understands Win9x).

I assume you know who I am because I'm like,
uh, famous and stuff. If you don't, then you
haven't been reading the archives carefully.

There was much cheering and celebration when
I recently rejoined the list.

To catch everyone up, I'm currently working
at a startup where I have a boatload of
options at $47. For a stock currently at $17.
I used to work at the Evil Empire and am still
used as an expert on Microsoft software at
work (since most everyone is from a Unix/
Oracle background)...

I'm a lapsed Roman Catholic who recently turned
into an observant Episcopalian. I'm currently
reading and studying all the books of the NT
that I never paid attention to before, in
particular, Acts and the letters of Paul.
I'd love to find a good intelligent snarky
academic pomo Christian discussion list but
I haven't found one yet.

"My name is Joseph Fudd.
 I own a Bentley and a Jag."

I usually read about ten books at a time.
Currently I'm reading or re-reading:
Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace)
Kingdom of the Wicked (Anthony Burgess)
The Fortress Introduction to the Gospels (Powell)
Fahrenheit 451 (Bradbury)
The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (Saramago)
Labyrinths (short stories) (Borges)

I have two children (7 and 8) and a lovely
wife (Juliet) who currently is at a Guinea
Pig show three states away.

I believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

- Joe

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> Good morning!
> Thanks to Rohit, I am now Fork-aware.
> Here's a web page with my basic info:
> Looking forward..
> Dave

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