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From: Linda (joelinda1@home.com)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 21:37:08 PDT

[Sensar [SCII: Nasdaq] gained 48% today on this news release. Prior to today the stock price had dropped approximately 88% off its
all-time high in March, likely related to lack of revenues and huge uncertainty surrounding this company. Does anyone know if their
technology really works?



Wednesday May 31, 1:40 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: Sensar Corporation

Sensar Announces Demonstration of Net2Wireless' Unique Technology At
Supercomm and CommunicAsia

SALT LAKE CITY, May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensar Corporation (Nasdaq: SCII - news) announced that Net2Wireless Corporation will demonstrate
for the first time publicly, at Supercomm and CommunicAsia its unique technology that provides cellular operators the capability to provide
3G applications, such as Wireless Streaming Video/Audio, Wireless Internet, Wireless E-mail, Wireless Instant Messaging and more, over
existing 2G and 2.5G infrastructure.

Net2Wireless Corporation, a developer of value added wireless services, will present and demonstrate its unique technology and applications
during this year's Supercomm in Atlanta GA (Booth #7274), June 6-8 and CommunicAsia in Singapore (Booth #4B4-04), June 6-9.

``We provide optimized solutions for cellular operators, in this open and competitive market. We believe that our platform will be the
ultimate way to attract and retain subscribers. Our technology overcomes today's infrastructure limitations and can provide value added
services that save the wait for the 3G infrastructure, which is not expected to be available for several years. We expect that senior
management from the cellular carriers in Asia and in the U.S. will visit us during the exhibitions in order to review demonstrations of
Net2Wireless' technology,'' said Nehemia Davidson, the company's CEO.

The Net2Wireless system's high availability infrastructure supports scalable communications from 9.6Kbps and higher, and supports all cellular
digital standards including GSM, TDMA. CDMA and packet networks such as CDPD, GPRS, IS95B and others. The system supports both circuit
switching and packet switching and integrates with the cellular operator management system, supporting provisioning, pre-billing, operation
and administration.

About Net2Wireless

Net2Wireless has developed a technology to enable digital cellular operators to provide applications that would typically be provided through
a 3G network, using 2G existing infrastructure and mobile devices such as PDA's, smart mobile phones and hand held computers, all these over
one platform.

Net2Wireless Corporation can be reached on the Internet at http://www.net2w.com.

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements concerning the potential products of Net2Wireless, which are still in the
development stage and have not yet been tested in a commercial setting. These products are subject to all the risks associated with a new
market introduction including technical feasibility, efficacy, market acceptance, acceptable pricing structures, and broad based consumer
demand. The above statements are not meant to be predictions of the future and are subject to all of the uncertainties set forth above and
many others that may develop in the future. For a discussion of the contingencies and uncertainties relating to the merger of Sensar and
Net2Wireless to which some of the information concerning future events is subject, please refer to Sensar's report on Form 10-K for
December 31, 1999, and Registration Statement on Form S-4.

SOURCE: Sensar Corporation

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