RE: Is WAP the Web?

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From: Tom Hume (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 01:57:22 PDT

At 08:59 31/05/2000 -0700, Nicolas Popp wrote:

>All the wireless carriers know that they have a 12 month window opportunity
>to build their portal and capture users through personalized content. They
>have seen that the walled garden approach of AOL can work and be very
>lucrative. So, they have all decided to give it a shot.

In the UK, we've seen mobile networks start with this approach then back
down; just as with the web, an open service is a significant win for the

>Technically, the whole WAP architecture that requires one unique entry point
>(unless you are ready to mess with dial up number and IP address in your

That's not really a function of WAP architecture, more of phone UIs.

>They are going to build a lot of personalized services on top of these
>(ewallet, location based services...) and they may well decide not to share
>this information with anybody in order to give their content a BIG
>competitive advantage...

At least one European phone network is sharing this information with
partners, in order to get useful services accessible through their portal
(whilst not insisting on any exclusivity) ASAP.


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